How to join us

Few steps are necessary to get to know each other and make sure we take the right decision.

1. Get in touch by applying directly online to a specific job opening or sending an unsolicited application

2. We will contact you so you can tell us more about you

3. We go further. If you are selected you will meet the Human Resources and hiring manager

4. Welcome! The job is yours! You’re ready to start your integration path.

Integration program

Integration in a very important process at Mersen. Regardless your status, managers, supervisors, technicians, clerks and workers, you will be supported to become fully autonomous in your position.

I become Mersen
Well before your arrival, internal teams are mobilized to organize your first day at Mersen: managing administrative operation, informing and communicate to your future colleagues, equipment, access requests, etc.

On your first day on the job, an e-welcome blooklet and kit containing all the information you need to learn about the group is available to you.

You will have a global vision of the Group, its organization, its objectives and its values and you will discover your new work environment (department, workshop, position, colleagues).

My employee experience
The platform called “My Employee Experience”, which is accessible via the Group intranet, gives all new employees the possibility of learning everything they need to know about the key moments to expect within the Group, both in their daily work and their overall career.

During your integration period, you will have discussions with your manager and your HR team. Everyone joining the Group is required to follow a number of in-house training sessions. This training is given either face-to-face or via e-learning, and includes modules on health and safety, and training on the Group’s Code of Ethics.

New Comers Event
Engineers and managers are offered specific training courses (on Group’s management framework), as well as an induction seminar called the “New Comers Event”.


Mersen also implemented a specific integration program, “We Become Mersen”, for new employees joining the Group as part of an acquisition. The adapted program focuses on human, social and cultural aspects.


A step further

Mersen offers its managers a range of tools to help with managing teams and providing personalized support to every employee.

The annual evaluation is a key element of the skill development process and is an ideal opportunity for discussion between employees and their direct manager. In addition to measuring individual performance and setting new targets, the evaluation is also an opportunity to assess current and upcoming skills development.

The Group implements a human resources policy focused on continuing professional development. This is a forward-looking approach to employment that allows Mersen to make the necessary changes to maintain its reputation as a leader. The Group has created the “Mersen Academy” online training platform which supports teams in their development.

The Mersen Group’s compensation policy has four fundamental objectives:

  • the search for equity,
  • the reinforcement of competitiveness,
  • the constant guarantee of employee benefits and
  • a commitment to redistribute money to employees.

As part of its 2022-2025 CSR roadmap, the Group is committed to promoting a social responsibility policy for all throughout the world.

At Mersen, there are many professional backgrounds amongst us.

You will be able to choose between several directions for your career development.